3 separate slaughter lines
Customized per carcass
All-in-one production site
Focus on hygiëne and food safety


Unique integrated slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse Geel is the integrated slaughterhouse of the Sopraco group. 

The slaughterhouse is unique as it features 3 separate slaughter lines, for calves, cattle and pigs.

Everything under one roof

All meat companies of the Sopraco group are housed under one roof. This way the cold chain is preserved throughout the entire production with the most modern installations in Europe.

Detail to hygiene and animal well fare

Slaughtering is always done under the supervision of the FAVV and our own quality control managers. In terms of hygiene and food safety the strictest standards are used.

Slachthuis Geel gives great importance to animal welfare. Thanks to the integration of the entire production chain – from farm to fork – we can also deliver this. We strictly monitor the housing, the quality of the food and the way of transport. It goes without saying that the slaughterhouse meets the most stringent environmental, hygiene and EU standards.

The slaughter lines are integrated into a complete cold chain.

The slaughterhouse produces slaughter by-products for diverse markets inside and outside the country.