Own vertical integration
Expertise on beef
Specialized deboning lines


Female bovines of the Belgian white-blue breed

The Sopraco group focuses on female bovines of the Belgian white-blue breed, originating from its own vertical integration. This way we can deliver the highest quality of beef and we try to be one step ahead in food safety.

Excellent quality

The bovines are between 4 and 6 years old, they have freely walked around the meadow for multiple seasons. They are fed with selected qualitative feed. These ensure constant quality.  Because of the female genes this piece of meat has more intramuscular fat, which optimizes the taste and the tenderness. In addition, the meat is optimally ripened before being cut. Thanks to the fines muscle fibres the female beef is of excellent quality: lean, tender and juicy.

Animal welfare comes first

The bovines are being fattened in groups, they are not bound and are standing on straw. During transportation and transport animal welfare comes first. All of this is controlled by an external accredited control-body.

The meat is processed and packaged without interruption of the cold chain.

Lean, tender and juicy female beef.