Certified production of pork
Pork of top-quality


Integral chain surveillance

Belliporc is committed to produce premium pork of top-quality.  This is made possible by using preferred suppliers. These always have to comply with the high requirements set by Belliporc. As a result, the entire chain can be controlled. Important points to consider in this field are feed, housing, use of medicines and transport. The animals are also always supplied with an empty stomach, for reasons of hygiene during the slaughtering process.

Animal welfare

After the transport, we let the animals rest sufficiently. This improves the quality of the meat. Attention for the welfare takes precedence.

State of the art production

After the slaughtering the carcasses are being moved directly to our state of the art accelerated cooling tunnel. After this accelerated cooling they are being refrigerated further in adjacent refrigerators. Then the carcasses are cut into technical parts and some are boned further. Since everything is done under one roof, the cold chain is guaranteed.

Food safety

Food safety is the common thread running through the different processes. Within the IFS quality label we score “higher level”. Our internal quality department monitors the production process constantly.

Slaughtering and cutting happens under one roof, the cold chain is guaranteed.

The high production capacity guarantees immediate deliveries of carcasses and technical parts to finished products.

Belliporc pork has an excellent taste and texture.