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Integrated European Meat Company

The Belgian Sopraco group is one of the main suppliers of meat in Europe.
The Sopraco group delivers custom meat for mass distribution, chain stores, butcher’s shops and the hospitality industry: veal, beef, pork, goat meat, game and poultry. The wide assortment of meat products consists of both technical parts as portioned, fresh, frozen, processed or cooked meat, to the packaging in protective atmosphere.

Integration ensures food safety

The fully vertically integrated production comprises -through subsidiaries- the livestock farming, the production of appropriate feed, the slaughterhouse, meat distribution and processing, and logistics. You can find information about the companies of the Sopraco group on this website.
The integration allows us to respond quickly to market developments and consumption trends.
The companies of the Sopraco group deliver controlled meat according to the recognitions:

  • Belgian Control System for veal calving (BCV).
  • Good Veterinary Practices (GVP).
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP-production specification).
  • International Featured Standards Food (IFS).
  • International Featured Standards Logistics.
  • Automatic Inspection System FAVV (ACS).

For more information see certifications.

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